Service & Test Aids

Service, Test, and other Specialty Items


Reboot Isolator
Universal Radio Adapter
Misc RJ45 Jacks, Plugs, and Adapters  
Audio Adapters  
New Product - 20dB attenuators for use with E+M
Loop back plug. Handy for testing E+M ports. 



E&M Type 5 Crossover Cable, 18"

Patch from one E+M port to another.

Can also be used with the Ritron Base Stations to make a rudimentary repeater.


20dB Attenuator
Outbound Audio
H Pad on RJ45 pins 4+5

CAT5 wiring - attenuation is on the Blue/BlueWhite wires.
20dB Attenuator
Inbound Audio
H Pad on RJ45 pins 3+6

CAT5 wiring - attenuation is on Green/GreenWhite wires.
Set of two - 20dB Attenuators
Includes 1 REM621 and 1 REM622. 
Perfect for your tool box.
REM3 Reboot Isolator. 
Provides opto-isolators on the E and M leads. Audio lines pass straight through.

Reverse gender, and high current versions also available.


Includes one of each service aid listed.
Save $ over buying separately.
Great addition to your toolbox.


Also see our RJ45 and Audio adapter kits for
more items to make your job easier.



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Not all cables listed are available for immediate shipment. Some are still in development, or have not been tested in a router application. Please call for availability.



Audio Adapters RJ45 Cat5

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