Ritron's Network Ready Base Station



New product allows for easy interfacing

The RadioNexus product from Ritron, is a network ready base station, with an E&M interface built in. This interface is not commonly found on radios at this price point. 

Distributed Base Stations cause a paradigm shift in Radio System Design

IP enabling this product changes the way systems are designed. Instead of a high power base station that covers the city, now you can put in multiple base stations. The "old school" radio method would require RF links, or dedicated phone lines from each of these locations. This made some system designs economically unfeasible. By leveraging your existing network infrastructure, these system designs are now possible. This low cost device, used in a network, allows a distributed base station approach to system design.

Advanced Features with a Low Price

The Ritron RadioNexus is available in both the VHF and UHF business bands. Features include 2 Watts of Transmit power, CTCSS and DCS signaling, wide or narrow band operation, and they are PC programmable. The built in RJ45 connector is jumper selectable to be either an E&M Type 3 or Type 5 analog interface. This allows easy connection to the routers E&M interface with a standard CAT 5 cable. Please note, the RadioNexus product does not have an Ethernet connection built in. The router provides the address, the radio is interfaced via the telecom standard called E&M, literally meaning Ear and Mouth. For an explanation of E&M signaling, you can go here

By connecting two of these base stations together with a Type 5 cross over cable, cross-band and in-band rudimentary repeaters are easily made.

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Ritron, Inc.
505 W. Carmel Drive
Carmel, IN 46032

317-846-4978 Fax

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  • PC* or "Field" Programmable to Select Frequencies

  • CTCSS or Digital Coded Signaling Per Channel

  • Wide or Narrow Band Operation

  • RJ-45 E&M interface. Type 3 or Type 5, jumper selectable.

  • Built In Speaker

  • 10 Channel Capable

  • Automatic On in case of power interruption

  • One Year Warranty

  • Small, Compact Size  1.4" H x 3.8" W x 5.6" L

  • Heavy Duty Construction, ALL Metal, Powder coated steel housing

  • Made in the USA

*PC Programmable with Ritron Windows based software specified below

Network-Ready Base Station Includes:

  • Wall Transformer

  • Antenna

Models and Options

  • NRB-146D           Network Ready Base 150-165 MHz    $495

  • NRB-446D           Network Ready Base  450-470 MHz  $495

  • JBS-MMK             Wall/Desk Mounting Bracket  $9

  • RPT-PCPK-9.3    PC Programming Kit. Includes software and
                                  radio interface cable with DB-9 adapter  $125

nexus - noun 
1. the means of connection between things linked in series (Synonym: Link)
2. a connected series or group

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