Lightning Protection

Surge Suppression

The ZoneBarrier Series provides a versatile, expandable solution.

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Precise control of transients
  • High surge current capacity
  • Completely modular
  • Holes for individual mounting
  • Mechanism for DIN Rail Mounting
  • Expandable protection for an unlimited number of ports

The ZoneBarrier Series is a completely modular communication line interface protection system, providing an effective barrier between uncontrolled transient environments and electronic systems. Designed for multi-port or single port applications, the ZoneBarrier Series offers a flexible and uniquely customer configurable port-by-port protection approach. The ZoneBarrier can be utilized as either a standalone device or as building blocks to create an unlimited multi-port network protection system.
  ZoneBarrier protection module shown with optional 5" aluminum DIN mounting rail. Also available with a 19" rack mountable DIN rail with up to 32 port capacity in only 5.2" (3 rack units)

The ZoneBarrier Series is a unique, modular protection system for telecommunication equipment. By providing an effective barrier between uncontrolled transient environments and your valuable equipment the ZoneBarrier Series protects you from costly system down time and equipment failure.

Designed for multi-port or single-port applications the ZoneBarrier Series offers a flexible surge protection solution that is capable of growing with your requirements. A ZoneBarrier module can be used as a stand alone device, providing protection for a single modem or fax machine perhaps, or as a building block in a surge protection solution that exactly fits your requirements.

The sophisticated hybrid circuitry employed by the ZoneBarrier Series protects equipment without impeding normal operation. ZoneBarrier protection components comprise of a combination of solid state overvoltage protectors (sidactors) and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) devices to form three distinct stages of protection. This combination of high quality surge protection components gives the ZoneBarrier Series its characteristic low let-through voltage and high surge current capacity which provides excellent protection.

All common telecommunication systems can be protected by the ZoneBarrier Series. ZoneBarrier modules are available for Leased Line, Digital Data Service,T1,E1 and 2-wire ISDN and are available with a range of connection types.

The small foot print of ZoneBarrier modules allows a single module to be conveniently located near to the equipment it is protecting. Where multiple modules are required in a concentrated area, ZoneBarrier modules can easily be mounted on standard DIN rail.

Optional DIN rail assemblies are available including one suitable for 19 " rack applications, which can hold up to 32 ZoneBarrier modules, providing protection of an impressive 32 lines in less than 5.2 inches (or a 3U space). Additional protection circuitry should be provided for other systems which may be interconnected with your telecommunication equipment e.g. incoming AC power, IT networks and fire and security systems.

ZoneBarrier modules are available to meet these requirements. Installation All ZoneBarrier modules are installed in-line and are identified with "Protected " and "Unprotected " for fail-safe installation.

ZoneBarrier modules can be mounted on any standard T-section DIN rail or on the optional rail assemblies. These assemblies will accommodate a mix of up to 32 ZoneBarrier modules and can be mounted on any flat surface or in a 19 " rack.

To attach the ZoneBarrier module to the rail, simply locate the DIN rail foot of the module over on edge of the DIN rail and then securely push the ZoneBarrier into place. Note the DIN rail must be properly grounded.

To install a ZoneBarrier module as a stand-alone protector, attach an ground lead to the supplied ring terminal and secure this, with the self tapping screw provided, to the base of the unit. Using screws (or bolts) mount the module on any flat surface.