Military Radios

E&M to Radio Interface Cables

REM-229 (U229-3)
Radio Interface Cable.

For use with military radios that use the standard M-80C microphone or H-250 handset. High quality mil grade connector, and shielded cable built to Mil spec. Cable length 36". RJ45 connector on one end plugs into the E&M port of the router, the other end connects to the radio's microphone jack.


Military radios that use a handset w/5 pin circular connector. A list of compatible radios appear at the bottom of the page. Not all have been tested, but have made the list because they use the standard audio connector. Please send additions or corrections.

For critical communications, use with the REM3 reboot isolator.  Must use the REM3HC when connecting to a PSC5.

Same as above, except 20' long. REM-229-240

Now Available

240 inch (20 feet)
Same as above, except cut to custom length. REM-229-x

Now Available

x = length of cable in inches, up to 240 inches (20 feet).
REM-230 Radio Interface Cable for use with military radios that use the M-80C microphone or H-250 handset. Mil grade 5 pin U229 connector on one end, and a female RJ45 on the other. Use a standard CAT5 jumper to connect to the routers E&M port. REM-230

Now Available

REM3 Reboot Isolator built in. 8" long. 




The following radios are thought to be compatible with the REM-229 and REM-230 interface cable.

12   VRC-12
25   AN/PRC-25(RT-505)
62   URC-62
68   PRC-68 PRC-68A PRC-68B
70   RT-1133/PRC-70
74   PRC-74
77   PRC-77
77   RT-654A/TRC-77
77   RT-841/PRC-77M
83   VRC-83
87   AN/VRC-87A  AN/VRC-87D  AN/VRC-87F
88   AN/VRC-88A  AN/VRC-88D  AN/VRC-88F
89   AN/VRC-89A  AN/VRC-89D  AN/VRC-89F
90   AN/VRC-90A  AN/VRC-90D  AN/VRC-90F
90   PRC-90
90   QMAC VHF-90M
91   AN/VRC-91A  AN/VRC-91D  AN/VRC-91F
92   AN/VRC-92A  AN/VRC-92D  AN/VRC-92F
104   PRC-104A, PRC-104B, PRC-104C
113   PRC-113
117   PRC-117
117   SINGARS PRC-117F
119   AN/PRC-119A  AN/PRC-119D AN/PRC-119F
120   Tadiran VRC-120
126   PRC-126
128   PRC-128
136   PRC-136
138   Harris RT-1694(P)/PRC-138
139   PRC-139
148   PRC-148
148   Thales AN/PRC-148(V)1(C)
148   Thales AN/PRC-148(V)2(C) MBITR
150   Harris PRC-150(C) 
152   Harris PRC-152
176   AN/TRC-176
176   TRC-176
200   Tadiran CDRS-200
206   GRC-206
246   RT-246
408   Tadiran GRC-408E
505   AN/PRC-25(RT-505)
524   RT-524
624   Tadiran PRC-624
654   RT-654A/TRC-77
710   Tadiran PRC-710MB
710   Tadiran PRC-710
841   RT-841/PRC-77M
1099   Datron-Transworld PRC-1099A
1133   RT-1133/PRC-70
1319   RT-1319, RT-1319A, RT-1319B/URC
1446   Harris RT-1446/URC
1694   Harris RT-1694(P)/PRC-138
2000   Philips M.E.L. PRC-2000
2000   Tadiran GRC-2000C
2020   Tadiran VRC-2020
2100   Tadiran PRC-2100
2100   Tadiran VRC-2100
2110   Codan 2110 Manpack
2200   Tadiran PRC-2200
5800   Harris RF-5800H-MP, RF-5800V-HH, RF-5800V-MP Falcon II
6000   Tadiran HF-6000
6020   Thales TRM-6020
6021   Thales TRM-6021
6725   PRC-6725
7800   Harris 7800M
9000   Tadiran CNR-9000
    Harris Falcon I, II, and II Series